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Shawfield Line Marking Specialists Ltd, are a family owned Business based in Manchester serving Clients throughout the UK.

Why Shawfield Line Markings?

With over 20 Years of experience, we specialise in a range of lining solutions, in each case using paints and thermoplastics where appropriate.

Our line marking services cover:

Line Removal

Shawfield Line Marking is CHAS registered and SAFE CONTRACTOR. All our staff are fully qualifies to NVQ Level 3 and are CSCS and Street Works Registered.

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All Mix Family

Through our sister companies, we can offer the most advanced Concrete Pumping, Zero Lift Tippers and All Mac Surfacing solutions at a great price.

Line Marking

Line marking plays a vital role in maintaining order and safety on UK roads. These visual guides help to direct traffic, define lanes, and ensure that drivers and pedestrians can navigate the streets with ease. The process of line marking involves various materials, colours, and methods, tailored to the specific needs of each road and its users.

In the UK, road markings typically include white lines, yellow lines, and a variety of other symbols and signs. White lines are used to separate lanes moving in the same direction, while yellow lines are used to indicate restrictions, such as no parking zones or bus lanes. Other road markings, such as zebra crossings, cycle lanes, and speed limits, are also essential for ensuring the smooth and safe flow of traffic.

To keep UK roads well-organised and safe, it is crucial to invest in high-quality line marking solutions that are durable, visible, and tailored to the unique needs of each road. Regular maintenance and upkeep of these markings are also essential to keep them effective and ensure that drivers and pedestrians can navigate the streets with confidence.

Choose a reputable line marking specialist in the UK to ensure that your road is properly marked and meets all necessary safety standards.