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Shawfield Line Marking have over 20 Years experience providing high quality road markings and signage. We have our own fleet of high visibility custom built line marking vehicles giving a professional finish fully complaint with the relevant safety regulations.

Road markings, street marks, and road painting are essential components of maintaining safety and order on UK roads. These visual cues serve as guides for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, ensuring smooth traffic flow and preventing accidents. By investing in high-quality line marking solutions, local authorities and businesses can create safer roads for all users.

Road markings include white lines, yellow lines, and various symbols and signs that provide crucial information about traffic rules and restrictions. Street marks, on the other hand, typically refer to the permanent markings embedded in the pavement, such as zebra crossings and cycle lanes. Road painting is the process of applying these visual cues to the road surface, using materials and methods designed to withstand wear and tear while remaining highly visible.

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